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PromoPrint Blanks and Vinyl



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these are made to order (large takes a day to make)

There are 3 different size Jack-0'-Lanterns small, med, large

med hold 1 led light, large can hold 3 led lights

MakerBot PLA Filament is easily painted with cellulose spray paints or oil paints, though acrylic paints are considered to be the best choice.

Our products are printed with high quality PLA filament. PLA is a nature-friendly bioplastic made from biodegradable renewable resources.

Small: base: open top 35mm wide, 35mm high, 60mm wide

           top: 20mm high, 40mm wide

Med: base: open top 50mm wide, 55mm high, 90mm wide

           top: 35mm high, 60mm wide

Large: base: open top 70mm wide, 70mm high, 110mm wide

           top: 50mm high, 80mm wide

please remember these are plastic and real candle CAN'T work in them as they will melt.

Base and top can be mixed and match. so when picking colour please do base and top

Colours: rainbow, orange, white, black, blue, grey, green, red, purple, brown, yellow, pink.

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