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Inkjet T-Shirt Transfer Paper

Inkjet T-Shirt Transfer Paper

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A4 sheet, desktop Inkjet printable heat transfer vinyl (not suitable for laser printing)

An inkjet printer is not capable of printing white. So, anywhere that the image would have white, you will see straight through to the color of the garment. Inkjet transfer paper for dark colored garments is NOT transparent. It is white. So unlike the process with transfer paper for light fabric, you do not print the image horizontally mirrored. You print it just the way it is, right on the paper with the white background. Now your image will be white where it is supposed to be. The washability for inkjet transfer paper is not as good as a screen printed shirt, but if you follow the washing instructions included with the paper, they will usually last plenty of washes.

T-shirt Transfer Paper Instruction: For use with white or colored backgrounds in polyester and/or cotton blends or 100% pre-shrunk cotton fabrics such as t-shirts, aprons, pillowcases, canvas bags, sweatshirts, caps, smocks.


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